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Themis is a BOS (building operating system) designed to operate with a number of heating controllers and PLCs

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THEMIS latest image
    This permits to test the Themis ecosystem without the Themis hardware.
    Download, unzip and burn on a blank 16 Go SD card using Balena Etcher
    Insert in a raspberry PI3 (or 4), connect to your box and boot, that's all...
    Please note this is a big file (1.2 Go) so be patient :-)
  • (.img) MD5: c1ff894b69ea77997e8ae7032e35161b
  • (.zip) MD5: a72f93460e6f33011afbc52430867fe8
  • NodeRed 1.1.13
    EmonCMS Themis version 10.2.5
    Assuming the raspberry is attributed the address
  • to access to Themis, browse
  • to access to NodeRED, browse
  • Themis user : verdi, password : aida

    Even if you don't have any sensor, you can start monitoring : check this!
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Building Operating System, gathering datas, optimizing building energy performance and confort.
check Themis main features as a BOS, november 2019
Programmable Logic Controller. Industrial digital computer which has been adapted for the control of manufacturing processes.
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