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All the sofware you need is preinstalled on the SD card but by default, THEMIS is in standby mode.

Once the THEMIS machine booted with a freshly burned SD card, you can choose and activate the services you need.

To achieve this, just establish a SSH connection and move to the hardware folder service :

cd /opt/openenergymonitor/BIOS2/hardware

over the air (ota) radio service

On the enless radio receiver, adjust the position of the DIP switches as follow :

  • DIP1 : 1,2,3,4 OFF 5,6 ON
  • DIP2 : 1,2,3 OFF

Connect the receiver to the emonpi/BIOS machine via USB.

Launch ./ota2.py to create a ota2.conf file in the hardware folder. During the installation process, this conf file will be copied by the makefile to the /etc/conf/bios folder

Install the service with the makefile :

make install ota2

To remove the radio service :

make uninstall ota2

modbus RTU/TCP sniffer

Just launch modbus.py to create a sample conf file :

  • ./modbus.py --mode=tcp in TCP mode
  • ./modbus.py --mode=rtu or simply ./modbus.py in RTU mode

To install the service :

  • make install modbus in RTU mode
  • make install modbus mode=tcp in TCP mode

To remove the service :

make uninstall modbus

Supposing you already operate a RTU bus on your THEMIS machine and you want to interrogate a PLC using the modbus TCP protocol. Systemd will not permit you to create a second service named modbus, so you have to give a label argument to the makefile.

Create a conf file with a name mixing the word modbus and the target label, here tcp:

./modbus.py --conf=modbustcp.conf --mode=tcp


make install modbus label=tcp mode=tcp

To remove : make uninstall modbus label=tcp or simply make uninstall name=modbustcp