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real world connectivity

The Themis tools are developped on the basis of the emoncms ecosystem. Themis has got its own intelligence, including devices autodiscovery.


Themis uses different python services for most operations related to connectivity with sensors and real world :

  • a over the air service for long range 169Mhz sensors, with on the fly autodectection
  • a modbus service to interact with modbus devices (eg promux) in order to easily operate thermocouple sensors and PT100

Please note that for modbus/RS485, default configuration is the following : 9600 bauds, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits, no parity. You can change this but keep it simple

To monitor in realime electric consumption, Themis uses emonhub, which is maintained by the emoncms developers

data processing

Datas recorded to feeds can be easily processed by well known python frameworks : numpy and tensorflow.


A specific library named PyFina has been developped for that purpose.