Themis is dedicated to the monitoring of large tertiary buildings. Themis is short for THermic and Energetic MonItoring System.
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the basic kit

the Themis basic kit

indoor temperature and humidity sensors (x10) plus outside temperature sensor (x1)

TRH sensors

radio energy sensing node, to monitor electric current (x3) and voltage (x1)


M2M : Machine to machine (M2M) is direct communication between devices using any communications channel, including wired and wireless.
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the Themis box , ie the “heart” of the system containing all devices necessary for datas aggregation and online availability in real time


In the basic edition, the Themis box includes :

  • a radio receiver 169 Mhz for the link with the temperature sensors
  • a 4G router
  • an emonPI, dedicated to data recording and featuring a 868 Mhz radio receiver to catch data from power consumption sensors (electrical)