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If you have a Themis machine, checkout how to replace the SD

If you don’t have a Themis machine, insert the SD in a raspberry PI3 (or 4), connect to your box and boot, that’s all…

Assuming the raspberry is attributed the address :

  • to access to Themis, browse
  • to access to NodeRED (if preinstalled on the image), browse

Use xz to extract :

xz -d -v file_name.img.xz

Run sudo apt install xz-utils to install xz on debian/ubuntu

date link
23/06/2022 Themis Bios - 16 Gb cards - linux kernel 5.15.32

release notes

check the release notes for all details about versioning and SHA256

resizing partitions

If using a 32 Gb card, use gparted to extend filesystem

The process is quite straightforward, and gparted will make all moving and resizing operations easy