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download and burn on SD

date link
23/06/2022 Themis Bios - 16 Gb cards - linux kernel 5.15.32

release notes

check the release notes for all details about versioning and SHA256

Use xz to extract :

xz -d -v file_name.img.xz

Run sudo apt install xz-utils to install xz on debian/ubuntu

resizing partitions

If using a 32 Gb card, use gparted to extend filesystem

The process is quite straightforward, and gparted will make all moving and resizing operations easy

first steps

If you have a Themis machine, checkout how to replace the SD

If you don’t have a Themis machine, insert the SD in a raspberry PI3 (or 4), connect to your internet box and boot, that’s all…

Assuming the raspberry is attributed the address, browse to access to THEMIS

To access to NodeRED (if preinstalled on the image), browse